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Strengthening and supporting individuals, families, leaders, and helping professionals everywhere—before, during, and after adversity.
How fortunate is the person with resilience! In stressful times resilience becomes especially critical—helping us perform at our best, recover from distress, and prevent the disorders caused by stress.
The good news is that anyone can build greater resilience. Building resilience is the goal of Resilience Training International (RTI)℠, a private organization based near Washington, D.C., which offers a wide range of training services and useful resources.
What Is Resilience?
RTI founder Glenn Schiraldi, Ph.D., explains that resilience is defined as those strengths of mind and character, both innate and developed, which enable us to adapt well to adversity. Specifically, resilience helps us to:
Survive and rebound from difficult times
Improve and maintain mental fitness and performance under pressure
Transform negative moods
Increase happiness and enjoyment throughout our lives
What Can I Expect from Resilience Training™?
You can reasonably expect resilience training to help you and those around you to:
Prevent or lessen the severity of stress-related mental disorders that are increasing globally—such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and problem anger.
Enhance mental health and the ability to bounce back from mental and physiological distress.
Attain peak performance and coping under pressure (e.g., improved job and social functioning—whether your pressure comes from overwhelming crises, job strain, financial reversals, rejection, natural death of loved ones, or normal everyday stress).
Enjoy greater satisfaction with life, job, and relationships.
Increase career retention. Satisfied, happy workers stay on the job longer.
Improve physical health, thereby reducing medical disease and absenteeism.
Become a resilience resource for others.
Who Is Resilience Training For?
Everyone. Modern living presents extraordinary challenges for military service members, police, firefighters, athletes, parents, teachers, trainers, leaders, youth, employees, helping professionals, and many others who are at risk for mental and medical disorders. Life doesn’t always go as we wish. Resilience training equips us with the principles and skills needed to adapt during the adversities that are becoming increasingly commonplace.
    Resilience training is for anyone who wishes to become mentally stronger and more effective—those who are already mentally strong, and/or those who recognize a need for greater strength. It is for those who have known risk factors for mental disorders, such as genetic predispositions, difficult family environments, or facing combat, rape, abuse, terrorism, domestic violence, and other forms of potentially overwhelming stress. Resilience training is especially useful for:
Emergency responders (military service members, police, firefighters, search and rescue teams, emergency medical personnel, public safety and construction workers, sanitation and communication experts and engineers, and other disaster workers) and those who support them (mental health professionals, pastoral counselors/chaplains, peer counselors, leaders, trainers, loved ones, and friends)
Others who work in combat zones, including contractors and government employees.
You certainly don’t have to be a mental health professional to master resilience skills.
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