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The Resilience Checkup*
This scale will give you an idea of where you stand regarding resilience. Rate from 0 to 10 how much you believe each of the following statements. A score of 0 means you completely disbelieve it. A score of 10 means you think it is completely true. This is for your own knowledge, and there is no one to impress—so be as honest as you can.
Statement Rating
1. I generally feel strong and capable of overcoming my problems.  
2. When I get stressed, I usually bounce back fairly quickly.  
3. I generally function well in the various areas of life: job, relationships, school, and play.  
4. I generally stay calm and steady when the going gets tough.  
5. I am generally flexible, meaning if my usual way of doing things isn’t working I readily try something else.  
6. I am in a good mood most of the time.  
7. I think well of myself and like who I am inside.  
8. Difficult times don’t change the way I feel about myself.  
9. I believe that if I try my best things will usually turn out well.  
10. I am good at reaching out and connecting with people.  
11. I usually try to solve my problems, but I know when to bend if something is beyond my control.  
12. I anticipate difficult situations, make a plan, and carry out my plan.  
13. I enjoy life and am satisfied with what I am contributing to the world.  
14. I am good at coping with strong negative emotions.  
15. I am good at separating myself from people who get me down or upset me.  
16. I have goals and am optimistic about my future.  
17. I’m involved in a variety of activities that I enjoy.  
18. I don’t have self-destructive habits.  
19. I feel at peace with myself and my past. I’ve grown stronger from what I’ve experienced.  
20. I don’t beat myself up when my best efforts don’t succeed.  
21. I know when to seek help, and where to find it.  
22. I stay focused and think clearly under pressure. I am persistent, determined, and resolved.  
Total Score  
Next, rate your resilience on the following scales:
  0   100  
  Total lack of
  Total fullness
of resilience
  Your Response    
How often do you feel restricted in your daily activities because of difficulties with resilience?
  1 2 3 4 5    
  Always Often Sometimes Rarely Never    
  Your Response    
What to Notice
The Resilience Checkup is primarily intended to raise awareness and suggest goals for resilience training. Higher scores for individual items indicate strengths, and lower scores indicate areas for improvement. The total score can indicate where you likely stand generally. However, don’t get too focused on the total score. Remember that everyone can improve, irrespective of your starting point.
Total Score Indicates
176 or higher You consider yourself very resilient
154-175 Above average resilience
132-153 Average resilience
131 or below There seem to be many areas to improve. The good news is that someone who scores here is likely to show the most improvement from resilience training.
The scores on the Resilience Checkup and the two scales following are also useful to establish a baseline. Resilience Training will likely improve your scores.
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