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What They’re Saying About Resilience Training
Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I had such a great experience with Dr. Glenn Schiraldi in his Resiliency Building conference. He has a unique way of capturing the attention of the participants, keeping them involved and sharing fantastic information. I can’t get to nearly all the conferences I think I should go to but ICISF is always at the top of my list when I can.

Very Respectfully,
Ellen Wirtz, Maj, USAF, BSC
Mental Health Flight Commander
Goodfellow AFB San Angelo, TX

Dr. Schiraldi,
I attended your class on preventing PTSD at the ICISF Conference in Atlanta.
I just wanted to …let you know how powerful your class was and how valuable the information was that you passed on to us. I have already done a training class on "best training practices" here at our station and incorporated ideas about habits, routines, resilience through fortifying ourselves, and prevention. I called up the new food pyramid online as well as the Mediterranean diet, and we had a 2-hour training class talking about a number of the concepts we spoke about in Atlanta.
Thank you again for what you do and for sharing your hard work and passion with us.

Take care and keep in touch.
Stay safe,
Firefighter / Paramedic James O'Shields
Fire and Emergency Services
Thanks so much for your great presentation….It is a treat to hear from someone with both practical as well as research experience…great insights, great information, great delivery, great time.

Dr. Steve O. Steff
President-CEO, Crisis Care International
Evaluation Comments
Most valuable part of course?
Instructor’s scholarly knowledge of topic
Information is realistic and practical—grounded in reality
Instructor’s theoretical and practical application
Instructor expertise
Huge amount of useful information
Concrete, clear, practical teaching
Practical experience, relevant, specific immediate coping skills/techniques explained & demonstrated
Wealth of knowledge and techniques
Prevention techniques
Very relevant, new material
Handouts; knowledge of presenter
Practical, hands-on exercises
Knowledge, experienced instructor
Both content and process was exceptional
Knowledge shared and unthreatening environment
Presenter was very nice, knowledgeable
Practical, hands on techniques. Great discussion
The presenter’s expertise, applicability across a range of situations
Yes, solid knowledge, pleasantly, cordially presented
Yes! For any MHP with a CISM team; invaluable
Yes, it’s great!
Yes. Lots of information
Yes. Excellent.
Yes. Outstanding class and very bright and easily understood instructor. Thank you for a great experience. I actually learned.
Yes. Absolutely
He does a good job of covering a wide area for a diverse audience with different needs and interests
I learned a tremendous amount
Comments on Instructor
Instructor was very dynamic, fluid, made the two days go by fast with lots of fascinating material
Very personable; wealth of knowledge
Gives clear insights on how you can apply techniques yourself
Excellent knowledge of theory and techniques
Great presenter—friendly
Explained concepts well, neat interaction with groups, hands on examples were wonderful
Presented Clearly and smoothly
Personality, Breadth of knowledge, skills of presenter
Glenn’s knowledge base
Support, responsive, proactive; speaker models, calm, straightforward
Presenter – wealth of knowledge and experience
Calm and welcoming style of presenter – was more “present” than speakers usually are.
Clarity of DR. S. – Clearly mindful of healing the healer
Exceptionally knowledgeable instructor
University of Maryland
College Prowler’s University of Maryland Guide Book
Without already attending UM, how could a prospective student know that Dr. Glenn Schiraldi’s health courses are two of the most life-applicable and life-changing courses on the campus?
Teaching Effectiveness
Dr. Schiraldi’s courses have been rated in 99th percentile in overall evaluation compared to other courses at the University of Maryland.
To Oprah (Unsolicited letters gathered by students)
This class was unlike any other class I’ve ever taken. Dr. Schiraldi actually cares about his students and his subject. It’s not like other classes where you’re a number to the professor and an effecter of the students’ curve. Dr. Schiraldi made sure that the class was comfortable and caring environment, where everyone felt free and ready to share information to assist the individual as well as group development.
MM, Econ major
The class—both the cognitive behavioral techniques and the support of Dr. S and the classmates—opened my eyes to the fact that I can control my stress levels, my emotional wellbeing. I feel empowered and enlightened.
AM, MPH student
I have taken all three of Dr. Schiraldi’s classes. I am prone toward depression and over time my cognitions and emotions have improved significantly. Not only do I thank him dearly but my friends and family also recognize my positive changes and thank Dr. S.
MG, Psychology major
Dear Oprah!
I have known Dr. Schiraldi for two years and I have had three wonderful semesters with him, taking classes such as “stress management” and health improvement. I have been quite amazed regarding the impact the courses had upon me. Previously, I was hostile to people. I considered life as unfair and worse of all I suffered from constant stress due to high life expectations and unsupportive, negative environment. After three semesters with Dr. Schiraldi, I now have a much different view about life. I don’t have much stress since I’m very satisfied with what I currently have. My self-esteem improves significantly and I live with much more love to others and myself. I’m glad I learned these life concepts early in life.
ML, Public Health major
My reasoning for registering for Dr. Schiraldi’s Health 486 class was to reduce my stress. What I found was skills to manage my anger, worries, and self-esteem. This class helped me get through issues from my past and present. Dr. Schiraldi made a very comfortable open environment for learning and sharing. I look forward to using my skills in the future.
AG, Dietetic major
While I didn’t actually suffer from many of the common problems covered in Dr. Schiraldi’s class, I still benefited quite a bit. I learned to be more aware of myself, but more importantly I learned to become more aware of the people around me who suffered from these problems. It enabled me to understand and even covered those who are close to me and be much more patient with normally frustrating or stressful situations.
Lance Corporal ET, USMC, Criminology Major
I have never had a class touch me in such a personal way before. Dr. Schiraldi allowed me to see myself, the world, and others in a new light. I would recommend this course to anyone with an open mind who wants a new experience.
KR, Journalism major
After the course I can say thanks to Dr. Schiraldi. I know who I am. The class has taught me how to accept who I am and to reject the person everyone else wants me to be. I am now able to work on me and who I wish to be.
LM, Health major
I’ve a 40+ year history of depression and low self-esteem and the skills I’ve learned have given me a roadmap of hope. Dr. Schiraldi has a unique skill of focused supportive understanding and he could help so many more people (if he could be exposed on your show).
I have been through abusive situations throughout my life and my self-esteem was so low. I did not value myself because others did not value me. Over the years I realized that I was stronger than I thought because I always had the motivation to learn to love myself. My goal in this course was to work on my self-esteem. This course helped me to learn to make my self-esteem independent of others and helped me to heal my past.
Not only did this class provide me with invaluable insight into myself, but it also helped me become more aware of how other people are feeling. I learned basic skills to help my live every day to the fullest, to be happier than I am now. I also learned how to give others the love and support they need to make all our lives fuller.
SB, Communications major
I want to thank Dr. Schiraldi for helping me reinforce my coping skills. This course has really taught me … coping mechanisms that now I use in my daily life. From taking this course, I have not only enhanced my coping sills, but I also feel a sense of empowerment. This course has also taught me to be more aware of my strengths and weaknesses as a person. These skills that I have learned will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Schiraldi.
DC, Clinical psychology major
Letter of thanks from former students
Hello! Dr. Schiraldi,

My husband, Eric Fetterman, took Principles of Stress Management at UM several years ago and has kept a copy of your course material, Facts to Relax By, ever since.

I wanted to thank you for your work in the field of stress management. Both Eric and I are veterans of the armed forces and we are currently living in Turkey as Eric works for the federal government in Ankara. We know you work diligently on behalf of many to help them deal with stress, especially military members and victims of natural disasters.

More importantly, your course material has made a difference in my life. During Christmas break of the year Eric took your course he had me and several members of my family lie on the floor as he used guided imagery and progressive relaxation to help us relieve a little holiday stress. I regularly looked backed at material on assertiveness and self-esteem in the midst of stressful job and family conflicts. It's been a huge benefit because it's practical and I can get quick reminders on being compassionate and patient while also being assertive. So, thanks for your hard work.
Cynthia Fetterman
Other comments from student evaluations
Dr. Schiraldi has a gift for taking complex thoughts and concepts and turning them into very usable, practical ideas and suggestions.
A skilled, competent, positive, and enthusiastic teacher who takes his teaching seriously. He goes above and beyond good teaching.
Dr. Schiraldi knows his stuff. He is engaging and enthusiastic. I learned a lot.
I learned coping skills that will be with me for the rest of my life.
Best class I have ever taken. I wish I could take it again.
The material is truly life changing.
Dr. Schiraldi made this a fantastic experience.
WWII Book (World War II Survivors: Lessons in Resilience)
I am with my Father in Oregon this week. He is dying from a very bad type of cancer and will not live more than a few months. I just wanted to tell you that I sent him a copy of your WII book for his birthday last April. It was the last book that he was able to read on his own. He is too weak to hold books now and his e ye sight is failing. He loved that book. He didn’t think that he would be able to read it, but after he started it he couldn’t put id down He said that it just got better and better as he went along.

I hadn’t had a chance to read the book until I got here this week. I have read the first story and want to tell you that you have written one of the finest books ever. I feel that everyone should have a copy of that book. So far it has helped me cope with the situation with my Father.
Thanks, Wayne Lougee, Department of Defense Employee
The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook
Dr. Schiraldi…you are a bit of a celebrity with “my boys” (in combat PTSD treatment)…We have already selected your book as central to the curriculum…Your book is instrumental in changing lives every day, and I thank you.
Mary N. Vieten, LCDR NHC, Pax River Naval Air Station
The most valuable, user-friendly manual on PTSD I have ever seen. Must reading for victims, their families, and their therapists.
George Everly, Ph.D. founding executive editor, International Journal of Emergency Mental Health
Participant Comments from Workshops In Canada
A wonderful warm and friendly teacher
Very thorough and well articulated presenter
Excellent review of the basic elements of self-esteem work
Pleasant and well-versed speaker
I loved the experiential exercises
Warm manner and sensitive to audience needs and questions
A privilege to learn from you.
Excellent course. Very powerful. Will help family members as well as co-workers.
Really good information (realistic and accurate for a change)
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